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The composer Gioacchino Rossini called it “Mozart of fungi”, Lord Byron kept one by his desk so that the perfume helped his inspiration, Alexandre Dumas called it the Sancta Sanctorum of the tables.

The  Tuber Magnatum Pico (White Truffle) is now available, please come to try it. We import it directly from Alba 

At Essenza one of our specialities is cooking with Truffles. We stock fresh truffles most of the year, we have truffle honey which we serve on ice cream and white truffle pralines recommended at the end of the meal with coffee or tea. The truffle is used in many ways olive oil, salt and butter, please enquire for a full list.

Truffle should be served on any delicate flavour dishes such us thin pasta risotto, polenta beef carpaccio, scrambled / fried egg, beef, veal fish or salads etc. We usually cook the black truffle and the white one we shave it raw in thin strips.

Truffles date back over 2000 years before the Romans, the Sumerian and Jacob the Patriarch were the first to discover it.

In Italy they can be found in Piemonte, Umbria, Abruzzo Molise, Emilia Romagna.

The most pungent truffle and the ones which keep best, are those which grow in contact with oak trees, while the most aromatic and lightest in colour, grow among the roots of lime trees. Somewhat surprisingly, truffles have a very high protein content, they are made of about 70% water and mineral salts which it absorbs from the surrounding soil.